UPDATE: ( Friday 26th August) Third Prototype arrived, This is almost the finished product. Just need to make a few adjustments to the thickness and fit.  We are extremely proud of how far we have come. Just a little longer to wait!

UPDATE: (12th August) Finished firs batch of prototypes.  Some work needs to be done to get the fit just right. 

UPDATE: (Sat 30th July 2022) Working with an industrial designer to come up with a solution to the mechanism needed to join the strap to the case. The rubber straps are the easy part, its the mechanism that's it causing so many problems. The last resort will be to use a mechanism similar to how the oem attaches their leather strap. 

UPDATE: (Wed 1st June 2022) I have taken a break from this project for the next few weeks. Next update will be at the end of the month. 

(UPDATE: (Fri 29th April 2022) This project is turning out to be more difficult than anticipated. We will keep pushing on as long as you keep pushing us!)

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